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New Member Guide

Post by Aziel on Thu Apr 09, 2015 4:16 am

If you're lost or not sure where to begin, this guide is for you! It'll give you step by step directions on how to get started here at Polemos and where to go as you set yourself up to RP and have a wonderful time. c:

1. If you haven't already, go check out the rules and make sure you understand each one.

2. You may have signed up for an account without quite understanding how having an account here works. At Polemos, you have one account per character. It makes sense to make your account name your character's name, although it's not required to do such. If you would like to change this account name, you can do so by asking the mods in this forum. Simply make a thread asking a moderator to change your name, and what you would like it as. We do the work from there. Note: you can have your account just once before your character is approved. Once it is approved, the name remains unless a new one is purchased through the point store!

3. Now that you've read the rules and have a name you'd like, it's time to make an introduction! You can make a thread here to let people know you're new. It's likely that here other members and moderators will jump in to say hello! Making an introduction is not required, though recommended.

4. Now, it's time to make your first character here at Polemos! First, you're going to want to read up on the lore and who exactly the factions are, in order to choose which to join. To read up on the deities of Polemos, read this! Choose who your character worships, and that will tell you what race and continent your character is likely to hail from. To learn about strengths and weaknesses with each race, go here.

5. You know your character's faction and race, so now you can start to form their personality and get a mental image of who they are! When you're ready, head over to the unapproved characters section and make a topic for your character. You can find a basic template of all the information you'll need to fill out here. You can take the code there and just fill in the blanks for your own character in your thread. Note: Before your character is approved, you'll need a drawing of them. If you're uncomfortable with your own ability to draw, you can make a thread requesting that other artists try drawing your character for you! To do so, go here.

6. Once you've filled out all the parts of your character, it's time to begin role playing! Remember, until your character is approved, you are only permitted to rp in the introduction rp section. You are also not allowed to enter an unapproved character into any official forum rp events! You will need 10 posts that are 150 words long at least, that display your ability as a writer. We require literacy here, so be sure to use proper grammar, punctuation & spelling!

7. Almost there! Your 10 posts are up, and you're very close to becoming a full fledged member of Polemos. The next step is to alert the appropriate staff that your profile is completed, and that your rping is ready to be evaluated. We have a specific section for this, which can be found right here, just under the unapproved character section. Simply make a topic linking to your character's profile and all the places they've rped, then it's the waiting game. This may take some time, but if more than 7 days have passed and your eval. topic has not been looked at, PM a moderator.

8. The wait is over,  hoorah! Your character has been looked at, approved (possibly after some changes the moderators have asked you to make) and you've been categorized into one of the three full member sections of the site. You did it! Last step is to add some sort of link to your character's profile in their signature. Then you're free to rp in any other RP designated section, join rp events, and, if you're eager, work on a second character. If you choose to make a second character, you'll have to make a new account. Repeat this list for every new character. c:

At any point once you have an account, regardless of whether or not they're approved, you're able to participate in the OOC & Media Center sections! Feel free to join members in the member run clubs, movie streams, chats, etc. If you're into the arts, make yourself a nifty topic to show your work off in the Media Center. You're also allowed to make plans for role plays with other members under the plotting section. Just make sure that if your character isn't approved yet, all their rps stay in the introduction rp section!

And that's all! You're one of us now. C:
If you have any questions that you haven't found an answer to in their sections, or perhaps you have a suggestion, go to the Staff Support forums and let us know. <3


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