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Post by Javed on Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:40 pm

Animal Name: Marsh Hydra

Location: Maquina, Specifically any warm, wet areas

Effects/Uses: Marsh Hydras are considered a delicacy among the rich, and poor people often attempt to scour though dangerous standing waters in the jungles of Jaconia in hopes of making some quick money by selling the kills to restaurants.

Description: For all appearances a thin, weedy looking monster. The Marsh Hydra is a crustacean like creature covered in a hard armor with three long and thin necks that rise above the muck and mire in search of prey. While the body is well protected, the necks seem to be the weak point. No armor protects them, as they need to be flexible in order to search for both food and potential threats. Each head is small and wedge shaped, giving rise to it's less common name "weed dragon". Removing any head from the hydra's body immediately causes two new heads to spring from the wound. Only by crushing each skull can the beasts be slain.

Behavior: Short tempered and aggressive, hydras stay in mated pairs through breeding seasons until the small clutches of three to five eggs hatch. After which they separate and the young are left to fend for themselves. While adults are known carrion feeders, juveniles have been known to gang up on smaller animals. Immature hydras are usually inedible until their third year of growth, after which their meat takes on an earthy, fresh water fish taste. Once maturity is reached any bands of young break off in search of small territories.

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