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Post by Javed on Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:49 pm

Animal Name: Yalerr

Location: Plains areas of Polemos

Effects/Uses: A beast of burden, yalerr are used to move lumber from forested areas that lack technology. Their sure footed nature also make them ideal for pack animals, especially in rough terrain. While not sought after as such, yalerr meat is edible and often smoked and preserved in Vida and Valias.

Description: Equine in shape, yalerr are furry herbivores with paws instead of hooves and small horns that curve down towards the nose. Standing between seven and ten hands (2.5 feet to 5.2 feet) they are smaller beasts not usually ridden. Their bodies are compact and muscular, their thick, long haired tails are a good counter balance when traveling over mountains and rough landscapes. Coming in a verity of colors that run from pale gold to black, some domesticated yalerr are bred for specific colors and are used for the smaller species and children to ride.

Behavior: Found in small packs of less than ten, yalerr are ruled by a matriarch and her daughters or else are bands of bachelors that roam along plains following the warmer weather before moving south for the winters. Domesticated yalerr are larger in size than their wild brethren and slower as well. While there are often cases of tame yalerr running free, they often get captured again while approaching civilization in search of easy food.

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