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7/10 - Extension

Post by Aziel on Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:23 am

Hello, friends! Just a reminder that I go on vacation today! Baltimore tomorrow, then Bahamas. Don't know about wifi in Balti, but the Bahamas is likely a no-go without me having to pay, which I'd very much prefer not to do (been there done that admin-ing another site during a quarrel; paying for internet is painful on my wallet.) So, this means nobody will be manning the site. Requests, sales, suggestion replies, applications and point deduction/increase will be halted. Don't worry, though! I'll be back before you know it. c: Just try not to cause any trouble, okay? I think you'll all be fine, though! And if you have any questions, you can ask other members who may know the answers--if they don't, store it away and I'd be glad to reply when I return.

So, now that that's clear, onto the event! The end date was July 10th (today,) but I don't see the harm in extending it until I come back, which'll make the clean up significantly easier on my part. B) I'll also tackle the lottery and add more flames to seek out, seeing as I've been negligent of both of these events (cries I'm so sorry, I'm going to try to find a way to remember them better whe eze.) Due to my inability to keep up, there may be a little bonus to the quantity and/or quality of the prizes you receive from them. And perhaps I'll have a little more in store elsewhere on the site. c;  

That's all for now. I bid you guys farewell! I'm off to ride sharks into the sunset~



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