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Viperus Steeltail Empty Viperus Steeltail

Post by Aziel on Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:52 am

Animal Name: Viperus Steeltail

Location: Maquinian desert--many like to loiter around the Oil Rig Graveyard.

Effects/Uses: Its tail injects a powerful toxin that may cause fever, hallucination, muscle twitching, vomiting, tachycardia, or arrhythmia. In extreme cases, mostly in the weak or young, it can cause death. Likewise, multiple stings of the tail can cause death.

Description: This desert beast is massive and deadly, with shell of steel that glints in the sun's powerful rays. It has six hypnotic golden eyes and scuttles about on ten legs, plowing easily through the sand. This animal sports four claws, each capable of crushing bone and cutting metals, to latch onto and quickly incapacitate their prey. Finally, its strongest weapon is the tail hoisted constantly above the animal's head in an arch. Like the name implies, the Steeltail's tail is, infact, made of steel. This tail alone generally spans the length of the rest of its body (generally 3-4 meters long) and is incredible quick to strike. The end is barbed and capable of injecting a harmful toxin into its victims.

Behavior: Because the Viperus Steeltail will rot, and ultimately die if its shell is caught in the rain, this creature is very sensitive to weather and humidity, and will find cover any cover possible when it suspects rain (hence its attraction to the Oil Rig Graveyard, where the ruins of buildings provide adequate shelter.)

Viperus Steeltails are solitary animals that only spend time with their kind during the Autumn mating season, to raise a clutch of 3-5 offspring. At 2 months, Viperus Steeltails reach adolescence and branch off to live on their own. Generally then, the parents fight to the death to remain in their old nest's territory. They're incredibly hostile and territorial, arguably some of the meanest of Maquina's predators. These creatures will feed off of literally anything they can kill and chew, with little sense of fear for any creature appearing larger or stronger, as they hold the rank of the desert's king, the very top of the food chain. Research has shown that the only thing most Viperus Steeltails fear is water, and so the easiest way to thwart these creatures is dousing them with some sort of liquid that will rust their shells.

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