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Post by Aziel on Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:03 am

Aloha, ladies, gents and nonbinary! It's time for another update from your dumb admin! Sorry for the delay, friends, I got lost on the road of life.

Some updates that I'm very excited to finally release! Hints have been dropped stating that this event wasn't going to be all daisies and hand-holding, and the bloodbath opportunity you've all been waiting for is finally here~! Operation: Raining Oil is now a-go, with the plot available to be role played under the Current Events section.

Though I said in past updates that you could only create Summer Solstice event topics until July 10th, and later July 20th, this is entirely false, and you are free to continue making happy-go-lucky threads in the festival area through the duration of this entire event. Sorry I lied. :c But, surprise! Death and agony! Operation: Raining Oil was a secret addition to the Summer Solstice festival, so create topics in either or both of these current event sections until August 30th.

Speaking of Raining Oil, you'll notice that it's going to take place in an area called the Oil Rig Graveyard (original, I know.) This is a permanent addition to the map that will have its own written description, but does not yet have a dot on the map picture itself. The reason for this, is that every major in-character event is going to unveil and highlight a new role play area on Polemos! These areas will not be major cities, but rather dungeons and playing fields with possible loot, enemies or NPCs that may or may not be related to the overarching plot! So a lovely welcome to our new rustic, blazing inferno of pollution and death! <3

In other news, I've been terribly negligent with the lottery, so I'm adding 25 tokens to the pot, and everyone who bought a ticket for June will be in the running for July's drawing. Essentially, we're just bumping it back a month.

As far as the tiny flames, which I'd like to remind everyone that they can still PM me about if they've found it (include a link to the page the tiny flame is on for an easy 5 tokens!) I'm hiding 3 of them around the site for members to hunt for. PM me with them individually or throw all of them in one message, either is fine! If you manage to uncover all three, you'll receive 15 tokens!! Ooooooh, aaaaaah~

So that about sums everything up! You can find the sign-ups for the group O:RO event here, the literature prologue here an addition to the site map of the Oil Rig Graveyard here and a dangerous new beast to fight in the area here!

As always! Any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know! c:



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