Dr. Loundexx's Amazing Elixirs! [Business]

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Dr. Loundexx's Amazing Elixirs! [Business] Empty Dr. Loundexx's Amazing Elixirs! [Business]

Post by Loundexx on Fri Aug 07, 2015 6:36 pm

Business Name: Dr. Loundexx's Amazing Elixirs!

Owner/Boss: "Dr." Tessa Loundexx

Physical Description: Dr. Loundexx's Amazing Elixirs are sold out of a quaint, wooden kiosk covered in signs and paintings ranging from the informative to the humorous to the picturesque, belying the nature of the kiosk as a housing for strange eccentricities and mystical items. The side boards of the kiosk fold out, revealing shelves full of knick knacks and bottles of strange colored liquids, and the drawers beneath house even more. Truly, the only way to figure out what any of this is for is to ask.

Functions: Of course, you can gather from the title of the business that amazing elixirs are to be found here- love potions, curative drinks, poisons, cleansing fluids, acids and bases, anything your heart could imagine. However, Dr. Loundexx also specializes in finding items others have made, items potentially imbued with magic, herbs for making your own remedies, tiny creatures with interesting properties, or even just squeaky toys for your pet. No one has ever heard Dr. Loundexx utter the phrase "We don't sell that here."

Staff: Director of Human Resources and Public Relations: Fleder

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