Coffin Guy's Dungeons for Dummies [WIP]

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Coffin Guy's Dungeons for Dummies [WIP] Empty Coffin Guy's Dungeons for Dummies [WIP]

Post by The Coffin Guy on Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:22 pm

Business Name: Coffin Guy's Dungeons for Dummies

Owner/Boss: Yours truly, Warburton "The Coffin Guy" Carbuncle

Physical Description: Coffin Guy's Dungeons for Dummies is an otherwise unassuming storefront at the bottom of a complex, on a busy street of Roa. It would be unassuming, if not for the neon sign out front, and the line of armored adventurers brandishing swords and spellbooks, ready to challenge what lays inside.

Functions: In the front of the shop, The Coffin Guy sells basic weapons such as swords, spears and staves, as well as supplies like healing potions and thieves' tools. Of course, none of these stack up to the main event. A trap door in the back of the shop leads down to a system of tunnels and caverns populated with stolen monsters. These tunnels are available three weeks per month, the fourth week being used to create the next dungeon. In addition to the standard challenge for adventurers coming far and wide across Maquina, an additional, stable dungeon is available for aspiring soon-to-bes, called the 'Beginner Dungeon for Dummies', in which The Coffin Guy will personally berate you for your poor combat form.

Staff: Warburton Carbuncle has two assistants that help clean and keep everything orderly, but otherwise it's a one-man operation.

Uniform: Warburton and his employees all wear a black band with an outline of an eyeball on their person somewhere. Where that is is not regulated.

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