The Xavar went to grab some popcorn (Clay + Nocme)

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The Xavar went to grab some popcorn (Clay + Nocme) Empty The Xavar went to grab some popcorn (Clay + Nocme)

Post by Nocme on Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:54 pm

Dace rolled his eye. Nocme was fidgety again. It was only a rustle and it was only a bloody rabbit. But it made his friend jump and stood still like a statue. Something that will come up from time to time, but generally every time he got captured or injured. He could tell she was trying to dismiss it, she really is trying. However she just can’t seem to relax.

Sighing a little before cawing loudly in her ear, Dace loved the way she practically jumps out of her skin at the sudden noise. He felt no guilt about laughing at her for that, not even when she cursed back at him. It took a few seconds for her heartbeat to calm down again, even then the Xavar did not stop laughing.

“Geez... so what is it? That really hurt...” she mumbled rubbing her ear. It still feel like ringing. Dace seems to notice finally and flew to her other shoulder before whistling a soft tune. He knows how to talk through bird sound and for fun he also learned how other bird sounded and could imitate them to a certain degree.

Nocme look around for a bit, before nodding and relent. She really don’t want to let him out of her sight, but he is a wild creature, no one ever tame a Xavar. So it was natural he wanted to fly off and stretch his wings. She should never stop him even if it make her nervous. Dace does give her a loving peck on her cheek before flying off to the sky.

He circle around her at the start, cawing a few time to let her know he is around, then dart into the canopy dashing through the branches. It was always fun to fly between small places, gliding through branches with precision and not disturbing a single leaf with his white feather. Soon he spotted something else. Something that will surely cheer his friend up.

A trap, and its already loaded. It would be super fun to dismantle it and then drop it on her head. Immediately he flew around to check the parameter, making sure the hunter isn’t around, then drop to the simple trap and began tugging on the rope. It was a little difficult with all the dead knot, but after a little work with his beak and claw he managed to pull apart the thing that hold the trap together. Only for it to all fall on top of him, burying him under pile of twigs and ropes and effectively trapping him.

He cried out in surprise before settling down and trying to untangle himself from this before Nocme come to mock him. Or worse the hunter returns to find an albino Zavar tangled in the mess.
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