E X E C U T E [O:RO]

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Re: E X E C U T E [O:RO]

Post by Menel on Mon Feb 08, 2016 1:24 pm

Fire was all to quickly consuming the structure of the building they were in. Even the bit of ceiling that Laven had indicated, that was being held up by a support beam was dangerously angled. The support beam itself made a sound, screaming in complaint at the fire that was destroying everything and putting far to much weight on its form. It was the best plan though. They couldn't hope to go back the way they'd come through the military that was undoubtedly just outside and surely by now aware that something was going on here. It wouldn't be long before they investigated. Nor could they escape through the path created by the massive scorpions. That way was a deathtrap of flames and enraged metal-clad beasts.

Menel could feel his blood heating up, the danger should have terrified him, and his heart beat all the harder with worry that Laven might not get out of this. No small part of him wondered that the elf could be at his side so calmly. Considering the other man's past, Menel wouldn't have blamed him for being afraid, but then... Menel wasn't.

His blue eyes glowed in the light of the fire, and he flashed Laven a smile that said clearly he was about to do was dangerous and reckless; and that he was going to do it anyway.
"Stay close!" There was almost an edge of laughter on his words, joy at pushing the limits of what he was capable of doing. Menel's blades made a soft hissing noise as they slid yet again into their sheathes and Menel ran.

The swordsman moved as quickly as his body could, not exactly in a straight path, taking one that was slightly more angled and circular so that the scorpion would not realize what they were doing until the last moment. He hoped and trusted that Laven would stay as close as Menel needed him to be. Tried to ignore the snap of the claws that was far to close to the man that held his heart.

Angrily the scorpion kept on them, tail twitching as it tried to figure out where they would be next. Laven kept it disoriented by throwing things at it with magic while the swordsman ran for the roof. Suddenly another scorpion burst through the fire, clicking and rushing toward them angrily. Menel grinned, moving in closer even as their escape avenue was seemingly closing. He waited for the strike he knew was coming. It went far to his side, and he closed in on the second scorpion. Rushing right for its face.

Menel prayed that Laven would trust him.

It was a move the creature never expected. He was inside the reach of its claws before it even realized what he was doing. He never hesitated a step, jumping onto its head and trusting his boots to protect him if the metal was over-heated. It was hot beneath his feet, but he was moving too fast. There wasn't time to think. He trusted his balance as he ran over the scorpion's back toward the tail that was already swinging reflexively back the way it had come. Surprise made the creature arch its tail backwards, and Menel ran up the metal like it was a ramp, swinging to the side slightly and catapulting himself off of it.

For a few seconds he was moving to fast for his eyes to really see what he was doing. It was all instinct and muscle memory. Keeping his feet on the narrow line he had to walk, trusting that he had the strength to make the distance. They didn't have time to climb up a support while two crazed creatures tried to kill them. This was an insane solution, but it was one that got Menel to the roof.

The roof groaned as he hit it, rolling even as he did to clear the space for Laven and so that he could turn, ready to snap and catch the elf if he had to. Something under his feet shifted and he knew they had only seconds, seconds to get to the edge of the roof where the wall would offer it slightly more support, but even then they'd just be riding the building to the ground like a wave of metal crashing into the shore.

They could make it. They might have some bruises, maybe something a little less pleasant if they were unlucky to show for their efforts, but they could do it.

He had to believe that.


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Re: E X E C U T E [O:RO]

Post by Nocme on Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:46 am

Well she didn’t really mean to hit the guy, but at the same time she couldn’t give a damn. After all the trouble they create with their advance, and that they are shooting at her, and the fact THEY SHOT DACE FIRST. Yeah she felt a little bad after hearing that scream, but she will never feel bad enough to apologise. Never.

When they lifted the gun to shoot at her she was still moving, never stopping and giving them proper aiming time. Still it was difficult to run through a spray of bullets. A few shot through her poncho and one almost hit Dace nestled in the sling, but no direct hit. Not yet though, and they are getting more accurate. She has to expand even more magic to give herself some air underneath her steps, to make her dash across the sand faster than they could aim or even predict where she goes.

The fire in the distance doesn’t help either, it has drawn attention and chased out all the creatures inside. Some large scorpions are already out. They are a little charred in some places and their armour not as pristine with haphazard burrowing and pushing through the crumbling walls. Though they are still standing and they seem to have enough energy to wander around the perimeter, it probably won’t take long for it to wander to their side. The screeching in the distance also filled her with no joy. For something to sound like that, it is most likely big with lots of teeth and stupidly hard armour. Which is actually now half a blessing because as some scorpions rushed out of the collapsing building, they spotted the military group. Hard to miss when the gunshot rings loud and clear over the howling sandstorm. And so she decide they are the perfect bullet sponge for her.

Nocme was fast enough that as she slides along the sand she could slip just underneath the scorpion’s belly. They look around for the missing elf but it with their eyes set only for front, they could never spot the elf already buried knee deep in sand. She made a slight miscalculation with her speed and it probably gonna cost her from digging herself out of the sand. Dace made a comment and Nocme glared at him. Really when did the Xavar learned a sand pun, and how is this an appropriate time to make that joke?

Regardless she know she is safe from gunfire for the moment. The scorpion most likely will charge at the military group, and they are most likely going to waste their bullet on it before them. Hopefully, she is still going to quickly get out of the sand though and continue to run and get the hell away from any other scorpions that managed to get out of the building through burrowing.

Dace crowed a little. His wing felt stiff but he know right now is the worst time to move. Also they lost their goal, it was originally to head into the building for some rest and reorganise themselves so they can get to the blue streaking thing that fell from the sky. “I know Dace... I know... But we don’t have a map anymore,” considering he can’t fly and tell her where everything is. Though he did remind her that such a large military group bound to have someone carry a map or something, or even stealing their communication device would help in getting them into position to get to that meteor.

Meaning they should probably loot those guys corpses once the giant metal eating machine has done away with them. Or steal from them once they done away with the scorpions. “Well they probably already hate us, I don’t think we can pissed them off any further now,” Nocme mumbled and got up and run. Keep on the move and keep her eye on the soldiers. She just need a little more wind and luck on her side.
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Re: E X E C U T E [O:RO]

Post by Laven on Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:14 pm

Laven had only moments to spare to look back at Menel as the swordsman took off running, his focus entirely on the massive creature attempting to skewer him with its tail. He was forced to dance around the beast as he ran out of objects to push into its way with his magic. He could feel the ebbing of his winds as he used them again and again, and finally he simply gave up and darted around, forcing the beast to strike at him before slipping outside of its range and attempting to put distance between him and the pincers that clacked in frustration.

Which is how he witnessed Menel run up a second viperus steeltail and launch himself out of the hole in the roof. His insides turned to ice in that moment. The thought that Menel could have easily been impaled by the scorpion’s barb, could have easily misjudged his jump and ended up in a heap on the floor making his heart drum loudly in his ears. Laven almost forgot that he now had threats ahead and behind him, until the horrible sounds of the steeltail’s many legs and the scent of poison burning snapped him back into the here and now.

Menel was as safe as he could be, and now Laven had to try and get himself up there as well. As he dodged and infuriated the beasts around him the plan slipped smoothly into his mind and he stopped his moving to allow both beasts to charge him and then tumbled to the side as the two scorpions collided and hissed in rage. His shoulder collided into rubble and left him gasping even as he popped to his feet and raced for the support beam. He could see exposed piping hanging just out of reach and a pile of tables and chairs below it. It was easy enough to launch himself from the floor to the refuse and then to grasp the pipes with his hands.

Inertia swung him forwards and up, and Laven let go of the loose pipe to grasp at the support beam. The overworked pillar shifted as he collided with it and for a moment Laven wondered if he’d misjudged after all. And then his bare fingers scrambled and caught even as his feet in their soft soled boots found purchase and sent him up onto the roof and into Menel’s arms.

“H-hurry, to the next roof!” Laven couldn’t give himself time to catch his breath, but he did grasp the swordsman’s hand and pull. They had to keep running for now, heading towards where the fallen star was most likely to be. From the rooftops it might even be easier to spot.

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Re: E X E C U T E [O:RO]

Post by Regazzoni on Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:58 pm

||||||||As the pyro hit the ground, he rushed forward to stay on top of her. He hadn't expected to hit her right on- wouldn't you expect a fighter sent by the military to be more proficient at combat? The force of his punch had sent her far enough that she got up before he could get to her, and she began to cast again. His arm flew over his eyes as the scorching blue pillars went up. After seconds, he could see the mage inside the flames, concentrating to control them like arms- he wouldn't be fooled, then. He would strike right at her. He pulled his arms as close to his body as possible to keep himself small, and started moving towards her again, watching the fire carefully. The golem didn't know how strong the tendrils were, but nothing could convince him they were stronger than him. He could already tell she wasn't- only a brat gets angry they were hit in a fight.

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Re: E X E C U T E [O:RO]

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