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Staff Descriptions

Post by Aziel on Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:39 pm

To minimize the amount of confusion for both staff and members, here is where I'll be putting a detailed list of just what, exactly, each position does! I'm sure it'll be especially helpful for those set on becoming staffers of Polemos, to decide where they'd like to go if asked about it. :> I'll rank them from most to least powerful, and update if/when new positions are created on the site. Additionally, I'll add some valuable traits we find in those we choose for these ranks.

1. Admins. We'll only have a small handful of these at any given time. These are members capable of doing anything. They (we) make events, adjust rules, give points, change emails, etc. Big or small, the task can be done by administrative team:cheers. Smaller tasks can be singularly. Larger, prominent tasks require the team to work together. There are a number of valuable skills sought out in potential admin candidates. These include, but are not limited to, responsibility, professionalism and patience. It requires the ability to differentiate personal conflicts from admin/member/site conflicts and, of course, the ability to remain level-headed under pressure/fire. It should also go without saying that admin candidates can work well with others.

2. Mods. You'll find more of these than administrators on the site, and while they do have power, it's on a more restricted level. The moderator tasks lean more towards organization and recording. They'll have contact with the members as much as the administrative team does, and are expected to have a strong understanding of current events, Polemos' history in character, and how the site generally functions. Members of the moderator team are expected to answer questions, take care of staff requests (excluding those requiring admin panel use,) tend to the upkeep of the Polemos Token Store, and man most re-occuring OOC events (ex. lottery.) Regarding authority, mods will assist in resolving conflict between members and discipline as needed. Valuable traits sought in moderators are very similar to those of admins--patience, teamwork, and a level-head. It will also require the ability to look objectively at member clashes. Because moderators handle the more technical aspects of the site, organization and consistency are extremely key in doing a proper job.

Non-Playable Characters
3. NPCs. The little blue accounts who have names you may recognize from Polemos lore. This position is that of a figurehead. Their only real purpose is to add some zest to plot role plays requiring the individual characters their accounts are named after. They have no real power and will seldom be used. Administrators will have access to these accounts, but outside of their purpose it'll be rare to see them. You won't see an NPC user manning a club in the club section, or reviewing character applications; the position is hollow, and really only described here in case people got curious.


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