An Opportunity For Theft [Nocme & Valeria]

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Re: An Opportunity For Theft [Nocme & Valeria]

Post by Nocme on Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:06 am

“Pffft, and get the whole security on our ass, no.” Dace echo her sentiment with a mocking screech. Looks like she doesn’t like the plan, and they don’t have any reason to be with her any longer. At the very least they warned her about what they are going to do. The Xavar already pecking and cawing to hurry it up.

“Alright, we go now,” she talked to the bird before saluting off to the other thieve, or assassin, she couldn’t care less at the other anymore now. “Don’t say we didn’t warn you,” with that she runs down the corridor. Dace cawing lightly and flying above to destroy the camera, while Nocme follow closely behind to collect any fallen feathers, just to make sure nothing will be left behind of them to be tracked.

She finds the nearest and vent with the closest window. The bird make short work of the vent cover as Nocme concentrate up the wind. This might not be one of the central air duct, but she know making even just a small difference in air pressure at one place could accidently cause a huge gust else where. Not as dramatic as some say, those who believe that a flap of butterfly wing could cause a whole hurricane. No there needs to be a little more and little more direct.

“Ready Dace?” she said, calling forth a small ball of air in her hand. Dace cawed and land on her shoulder, ready to hear the shrieks of panic. With ease she let go of the air in the duct. It was only a small gust that blew up her cloak a bit, but letting it knocking around she could hear screams already. And several broken window. And car alarm. She swore that she could also hear the sound of doors blowing out and those things are heavy!

Okay, maybe they are on to something with butterfly effect...

Still this is a trip well done and that’s all they should do here. Nocme stifle a yawn. Magic, even a small amount makes her tired out quickly. So without more distraction, she climbed out the window and vanished into the night. For the next few weeks their food should be set.
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Re: An Opportunity For Theft [Nocme & Valeria]

Post by Valeria on Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:29 am

Valeria’s eyebrows didn’t twitch at the crude language and remark of the woman, but merely shrugged. There were multiple ways to escape, she preferred the one with a better efficiency. “Suit yourself. You keep to your plans, and I will keep mine.” Having the attention diverted amongst the guards would work well if they split up, she supposed, as she closed the door behind her shortly after the duo assassin team had left.

Pulling up her hood, she hid half of her face, as her eyes blinked in the low lights. She crouched low, before launching herself up the stairs with quick speed. One of the guards on the middle floors turned their head, only to see a shadow flash past. In the next instant, there was a soft thump of the black haired girl landing behind them.

There was a yell, but she could only see the glass of the gigantic window approaching closer and closer. Sliding low onto the ground, a rain of bullets flew past above her head, shattering the glass. Without hesitation, Valeria jumped into the air, barely missing another few rain of bullets, as her body dropped at a quickening speed. Tumbling through the air, her eyes flashed at the pipe running down the building. She stretched her hand, immediately her gloved palm was growing warm from the contact, but hold onto the pipe had provided enough resistance of falling too fast.

Landing softly on a car, she wasted no time in slipping through the sea of party guests running out. The air was filled with screams, and an increasing siren of the brigade. From some of the windows, smoke was coming out, and the smoke alarms were wailing.

Those two ended up causing a ruckus like a pair of pranksters. Nothing like what an assassin should be,
she thought almost letting out a sarcastic laugh. It would be an interesting account to tell her friend, as the boy would have liked to hear about the white bird who was smart enough to read. She took one last glance at the telescreen, it was one hour until midnight. With a satisfied huff of what she managed to obtain, she disappeared within the crowd of confused faces.


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