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Post by Aziel on Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:07 am

Each character has an element and the ability to harness their power through the use of skills. Skills are learned through the course of their experiences in Polemos--some may be figured out in times of great stress, while others may be learned from tutors. To keep from getting overly powerful, the limit on skills is five at any given time. Later, if you wish to discard a skill and have your character learn another, this may be done through staff requests.

While some skills may be more generic used over the different elements (a fire blast may be used by someone with the water element, replacing the element but maintaining identical motions) others may be more unique. Feel free to get creative with your characters' skills and harness the environment around them to make the boldest attacks--but do keep in mind that we will not allow skills that are immediately deadly and/or undodgeable. An example of a skill we would not accept is a water elemental stopping the flow of blood to someone's heart. The skills must be external and refrain from power playing or godmodding, as per site rules.

Contained in the post below will be a handful of different elemental skills anyone can use, in case creating skills aren't quite your strong point. c: In the future, once we have a battle system the skills will become more refined and come with actual, numerical damage capabilities.

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