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Post by Aziel on Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:21 pm

Hey guys, just a quick update! :> i'll make it short and sweet~ Some additions have been made to the unapproved character form that I'd like all of you within the coming days to look at and adjust accordingly. The additions in question are the RPER NAME and ITEMS categories. Now, while people are writing these up for their characters, I will unlock the approved characters section. You'll have 1 week from this date to make the adjustment of your own accord, before staff sifts through the approved characters and PMs anyone who has not made the change yet and asks them to do so. Please don't make us come after you! :C

Also, I've gone and hidden another two flames! For those who remember, during the SSF I hid a small handful of them around the site. (Hint: they're still there.) Now, you have two new ones to go searching for (see Maru dreams do come true) and earn yourself some tokens! Each flame is worth 5 points. When you find one you haven't already found before, private message me with Flames in the title and the link to where they are hidden, and I'll add 5 tokens per fire found to your account. c:

And Finally, with the Winter Solstice coming up, we'll be holding the Winter Solstice Festival! More on that will be revealed in the future. ;D And the sign-ups for Secret Santa are officially closed. I'm glad we have some participants!! Be sure to bring the joy /o/

So that's all for now. The staff would like to wish you all happy and safe holidays, and a fun vacation for those of you who get one! To our student Polemos members, congratulations on finishing up your finals! A new semester awaits you. Do your best, everyone!


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