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Post by Menel on Wed Dec 09, 2015 1:00 pm

Animal Name: White Hart

Location: Anywhere where "civilized" habitation has not become to prevalent. More commonly seen in Vida than in Maquina

Effects/Uses: There are endless legends about the usefulness of the Hart. Its horns are said to pierce any armor, its blood to cure any wound. It is said that if one wears the hide of the White Hart that one might become the creature itself. Legend says that when the Hart dies a new Hart is born from the blood of the old. Or perhaps that spring itself is born from the blood of the Hart. Nothing is truly known. Perhaps the Hart is merely a white deer. Or perhaps it is as the oldest legends say; an immortal fae creature not quite of this world.

Description: The White Hart looks like a stag deer of massive proportions. Easily the size of a small moose but delicate and powerful. It is as white as newly fallen snow with pitch black eyes and horns of the palest ivory. The White Hart has a massive rack which arches proudly over its head. The White Hart is incredibly quick in spite of its size, easily outrunning the fastest of wolves and with the stamina to run for hours or days without rest.

Behavior: The Hart is a creature of legend, and only one is said to exist at a time, so little is known of it socially. Some who have seen it claim that it seems quite friendly. Simply standing and looking at them before it suddenly disappears again. Some others say it is a fearsome war-like beast willing to crush a man to death beneath its hooves. Those who speak of the legends say it is a wise and willy animal. Leading the foolish in circles to their deaths and blessing the brave with its presence. Unlike the fabled unicorns it is not said to have a fondness for maidens, but rather in a contrary way it loves most those that hunt it. Blessing the hunters that seek the honor of a true and honorable contest of skill and wit.

The White Hart is a singular creature, far more myth and legend than reality.

Or so it would seem.


Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for.

You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for.

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You know it's true.

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