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Winter Solstice Empty Winter Solstice

Post by Menel on Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:01 pm

Happy Winter Solstice!

Each year this celebration is held on the shortest day of the year. Blazing blizzard or clear white-blue sky the Solstice is a holiday which is celebrated through-out the world. It is a day for some of staying indoors with loved ones, and for others... it is the day of the Hunt.

In Maquina the holiday has become a bit more rote and tradition than truly practiced, but nearly every home is adorned with evergreen boughs or evergreen trees. Bright ornaments bring color to the white-washed world, as do ribbons, garlands, and bows strung on lampposts, trees and street corners. Vendors bring out their hot foodstuffs and drinks for those braving the cold streets, and there's a quite sort of peace that hovers everywhere in the air. Perhaps it is simply the fall of snow that makes everything look peaceful and clean even in the darkest alleys of Maquina. In the days previous to the Solstice these same streets were abuzz with activity, now they are silent as families tuck away and offer gifts to one another in honor of the sacrifice that was said to bring about the spring once more. A legend that many families only half remember.

In Vida the holiday is still fresh and alive. Here the Hunt is still held in every village, young men and women thinking to catch just a sight (or if they can much more) of the legendary White Hart. Here too there are hot foods and drinks for those braving the winter cold. Stands put up just for this day each year as well as smaller ones offering small toys for the children while they run about in excitement. In some places the Hunt is a communal thing, with the whole community gathering to go out searching for the White Hart. In others it is a rite of passage for those coming of age. Afterwards, when everyone has returned home, again gifts are given. Always honoring that sacrifice.

Because, as legend once said. From the blood of the White Hart will come spring again as it has before.


Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for.

You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for.

Winter Solstice SZI8879

You know it's true.

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