A bunch of Rps :"D

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A bunch of Rps :"D Empty A bunch of Rps :"D

Post by Menel on Tue Jan 12, 2016 5:44 pm

Okay so due to the new rules I'm dropping off a list of rps that I've done that qualify for points but that I didn't put up before because they weren't a full 2 pages. Since the requirement is 1 now I'm updating!

Art of Conflict (Laven & Kol) - Laven and Kol's account respectively.

The Things Kisses Don't Fix [Menel & Laven] - Menel and Laven's account respectively.

Little White Sins [Menel & Ceberas] - Menel and Ceberas's accounts respectively.

The ominous wind (Daechir + Nocme) - Daechir and Nocme's accounts respectively.

Sorry for the dump lol :"D (and thank you!)


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A bunch of Rps :"D SZI8879

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