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Post by Echo on Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:44 pm

Animal Name: Kounnar

Location: Maquina, deep in Jaconia's forests.

Effects/Uses: Produces pheromones that cause extreme aggression in the afflicted, triggering a berserk status if enough exposure is allowed. The afflicted are overcome with feelings of rage and restlessness that leads them to attack anyone near enough. Containing the afflicted is a task due to the pheromones overriding the base instinct of not using full force to avoid self-injury. As a result, many of the afflicted end up losing use of limbs due to overexertion.

Description:The Kounnar are large, humanoid creatures which resemble apes. Full grown males tend to reach sizes of 8 feet while the females hover around 6 feet. Their bodies are covered with dark golden fur on their backs which tends to bristle when fighting or under stress, with dark brown fur on their underside. They're knuckle-walkers but occasionally can be seen walking bipedally. They are thick-set and sturdy animals. They possess a short tail which is furless save for the tip which is covered in the same bristling browning gold fur.

Behavior:Extremely aggressive and territorial, Kounnar tend to stick together. Their leader is decided by who is the largest and strongest with the alpha male often living a long life without challenge. Occasionally the body of the loser can be found near the edge of the forest, abandoned by its kind. They do not actively avoid humans but they do not actively seek them out either, their omnivorous nature allowing them to survive off just about anything. When a human does stumble across a Kounnar, however, they are often not seen again.


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Post by Aziel on Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:06 am

accepted! :D

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