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Post by Aziel on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:02 pm

because the weather has been weIRD so I'm sure we'll still get some more snow before the season's end!

Anyway, howdy guys! Another quick little update with some fun things I think you'll really like!!

First and foremost, you may have noticed that at the bottom of the forum homepage we now have a small section for affiliates. This is great news, because it'll make it lots easier to vote for us on Top RP Sites, but also because it means our site will be advertised on other forums! I don't intend to put 2345634234353 affiliates down there, but I'll probably fill the rest of the row! Perhaps two depending on whether you guys think that would be too much. x)

To expand on that, and I mentioned this in casual chat the other day, I've made an account on RPG-D to advertise our forum! As of today, our forum has officially been accepted and added to the directory! You can find it here! Please do NOT bump it! There are strict rules to the frequency in which this will be done, so to avoid confusion, I'll personally bump it or tell someone else when it is acceptable to bump it! Now we're on our way to some nice, proper advertising. Wooh~ c:

Speaking of advertising, for those who have not already, you can vote HERE to boost Polemos once a month and keep us on the front page of the fantasy category. One day, maybe we'll even be on the front page in general! We only need like 400 more votes /hit

Next on the list is something I've been asked about. A member came to me and wanted to know if the factions had symbols. Well, they do, but for quite a bit of time I was unable to properly create one. Now, I know these aren't terribly pretty, and I'm not particular great at creating shiny graphics, but it's a start! If nothing else, they're the base design and colors of Vida and Maquina/Lavathor and Aethel's respective symbols! I'll most certainly be providing upgrades to these in the future (probably commissioned first, and then again in the future when we get lots of members and can have a legitimate contest!)

So these are the symbols:

In addition, I'm currently working with an artist on flight rising to create a picture of Lav and Aeth. It's currently a wip, but I thought i'd show you the sneak peak of the god she's working on first: Lavathor, our king of the jungle!

And fiiinally, though perhaps trivial, I've swapped out some some emoticons for new ones! Just the essentials, of course (aka hearts and paw prints in a variety of colors l o l) so hopefully they're welcomed!  teal heart red heart purple heart

So that's all for now. Hope you guys enjoy, and happy monday!

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