A Letter received, is a thought of you[Doki-Kol]

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 A Letter received, is a thought of you[Doki-Kol] Empty A Letter received, is a thought of you[Doki-Kol]

Post by DokiDoki on Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:29 am

You receive a letter

More accurately you receive an envelope containing a piece of paper that you believe to be letter. It is a standard grade of white, plain and contemporary as any individual could purchase at a bulk supplier. It's most defining features are the deep wrinkles throughout it's body. It looks like it had been folded and stuffed into locations it would not fit in it's natural state.

At the front of the envelope your name is written, only a first name;  as well as your home address.

you open the letter:

Contained within the envelope is a off white sheet of paper is worse shape than the envelope it had been encased in.

The paper is coarse and it's edge's are that of distinct tares. It is almost perfectly rectangular but one edge is notable crocked, as if this sheet has been torn from a larger one.

The scrip is difficult to decipher. The scratched heavy handed scrawls of text are littered with scribbles and scratches obscuring selected words or parts of sentences. Both the back and the front have been thoroughly written on, no space remains for written words. The black ink leaking through the words on the other side make it even more difficult to understand.

Splotches of the thick parchment vary in color and shade ranging from an eggshell to a yellowish brown. Certain areas of ink have bled into the white around it. These areas have the distinct crinkle of once being moistened and then dried.
The bottom right corner has a large oval smudge of a dried dark brown substance.

It smells of pine and antiseptic

You read the letter:


"Hello sorry  um sorry. I well I think I remember your mailing address- well I hope it's your mailing address- I hope you get this and it's not just to some stranger who I don't know.

I also ---well---- I also sort of hope you don't get this. I hope it gets lost forever And you never find out I did---- ---------- went though -------copious lengths--to--- -----note ---where you live.

Sorry and I understand if you never want to talk to me again or if you don't answer me. But---- the----
I just wanted to say hi.

It's not a real hello I suppose. A real hello would mean----would-----I would see you again with a real hello. WAIT NOT that------ ------ ------ ----- I mean I hope we meet again but, I don't mean I am assuming you want to see me again. I just, sometimes wonder about you. about------- ------- ----- what you are doing.

So yes, just a hello.
So here it goes a letter, I've --- ---- ---never written -----one before but I read a book once that was written like a series of letters between people. So---

---30 Devember, 2015

Hi, um how are you....? All has been well with me here at ---- ---- ---- where I ---- ---- live right now. The days get colder and the nights longer, I hate it. It's always dark here and long nights make it worse. I admit the mornings the sun does break through the fierce clouds of gray and I'm --- awake Its fun to walk in the snow.

Even though it's cold. I like the snow,  do you like the snow? I like to build things out of it, and sometimes I try to dig down to the frozen earth beneath. I hunt for frozen artifacts like....pine cones.... And one time I found a dead squirrel.
It's easy to accomplish at the beginning of winter but by the heart of it it's nearly impossible. My hands always get to cold before I reach the bottom and ---- I force--/ myself  to stop.

Do you like the winter? Do you like the snow or do you prefer--- ---- uh something else?

3 January, 20---16

It's another day , sorry I couldn't finish this all in one day ---- I ---- the---- I had ---- stuff to do....
Also I... ---- Never mind  I wanted to finish this letter with something nice

I would never find the courage to ask you this in person but, do you---- ---- what do you do on your days? I---- I don't work I ---- get to stay ----- where I live and I always wondered what you do . Do you enjoy what you do? What's it like?
I'm running out of space and I can't ----- I don't  have anymore paper right now. Hope this gets to you and hope it doesn't.  If you write back you can send it to

16683 xxxx Ln
Txxxx, AB 98027

BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WRITE BACK. You don't, please, don't feel obligated.

well see you. I think. Again soon?


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 A Letter received, is a thought of you[Doki-Kol] Empty Re: A Letter received, is a thought of you[Doki-Kol]

Post by Kol on Fri May 13, 2016 3:34 am

Kol could not have said how many letters he received, however he knew it was not very many. The number of letters he received in this language was even fewer than that. He had none whom anyone other than himself, and dubiously those that he considered to be so himself would term 'friend'. Of those most were aware of his somewhat tenuous relationship with the  language. What even those few likely knew however was exactly how tenuous his relationship with the third - or arguably fourth - language he had learned was.

He spoke with an accent, but worked diligently to make that accent less noticeable so that those he chose to speak to could understand him more easily. Even so it was notable, and though he could write fluently in the language that gave him his distinctive accent there was rarely any cause to. However the words that most people spoke to one another did not come to him so easily. In truth he could not have counted beyond the number of his own fingers in it without a great deal of effort if at all. More often than not he forgot the words that he wanted or simply gave up on the effort knowing that he would simply not be able to convey his meaning the way that he wanted to.

Thus the fact that he had gotten a letter came as some surprise to him.

It also meant that he spent the better part of more hours than would have been polite to mention trying to understand what was written there-in. Not only was the letter in a language he was not particularly fond or skilled in discerning, but it almost seemed as though the words were written to be particularly difficult to read.

Curiosity more than anything drove Kol to actually rewrite the letter in his own hand, muttering the words to himself under his breath as he wrote them, then crossing them out when they were clearly wrong. Sometimes several times, and at times whole sentences would be erased by his dark bold lines until he managed a semblance of a letter which had been copied more letter-for-letter than word-for-word.

Then his curiosity utterly aroused by his effort he set about translating it into French.

When he had finally done this he realized that parts of it were simply beyond him and gave up. Two days later he found the letter and its copies and read it again.

There was a return address.

Kol had absolutely no way of knowing where the young man who had written the letter was right now, but the stuttering stanza was familiar enough for him to recall him. For this reason alone Kol pulled out his own envelope, and his own paper and set about writing his own letter. His penmanship had always been neat and orderly, small but easy to read and with a slightly jagged edge to it from the way he tended to make his strokes quite quickly. When he was done he placed the letter in an envelope titled 'Mon Sel', with the return address, and sent it out.

Mon Sel:
Mon Sel,


I am pleased that you remember my home, so I will send this letter to you and invite you to come again. Make your self at home, and when I arrive I will make some thing for you to eat. It will be my pleasure to be your host, and to tell you what ever it is that you might wish to know of me during your time here, and of course to keep you quite warm.

I do like the snow. I like how it makes my skin ache and feel more alive when I have been in it for some time, but not for too long or the skin begins to deaden to it. For this reason I do like the winter, and many many other things as well. I would like to share them with you.

I spend most of my time as a chef at my restaurant. You are welcome to come there as well. If you ask for me I can cook you a meal there and serve it to you. It will be as they say, on the house. Yes? I enjoy everything that I do mon Sel. There is a beauty to cooking, to making each plate perfect. The food is good, and it fills the body, gives it energy for all the things that we might want to do. Words in this way are not enough to say what it is like. It gives me some thing to do when I have no other things to occupy my hands, and more.

Perhaps some time I can show you how to cook as well as feed you. It is not as good as some of the things we might do, but it is a beautiful thing.

As your letter found me I hope that this one finds you as well. My door is always open mon Sel.

Au revoir.


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 A Letter received, is a thought of you[Doki-Kol] Empty Re: A Letter received, is a thought of you[Doki-Kol]

Post by DokiDoki on Fri May 13, 2016 5:12 pm

Days always seemed long. Even more so when Doki was feeling particularly out of luck. It was just a bad day he surmised, or more appropriately a worse day than his usual bad days.
He would usually check his drop off point for any messages once a week but it had been closer to two since he had last been. The journey to his so called 'mailing address' wasn't always pleasant and Doki almost gave up before starting but the small flutter of hope that he could turn the day around by finding something from a certain someone gave him enough motivation to go.
When he first laid eyes on the clean envelope he really did think he was dreaming. There was some kind of comment in his mind,

'pinch yourself your dreaming because no one cares about you.'
but he quieted the voice with a tentative touch of the smooth paper. The two words written atop where was all he needed to know who it was from.
snapping himself from his trance Doki snatched the letter and dashed off to find a quite place to read it.

He spent the first 15 minutes simply admiring the penmanship and quality. Never had such a fine peace of literature been written to him-arguably for him. He was amazed the man wrote back at all and certainly had not expected to be so transfixed on its beauty.
'it probably isn't anything special you know. Its just the type of man that guy is.'

However true the words of the voice were it didn't matter, it could be absolute trash to everyone else but it had a sincere smile and light flush spread across Dokis expression. Even though he had yet to read it, the gesture of the letter meant so much already.

The words were easy to read and by the end Dokis small smile had mutated into one any bystander would comment on as 'love struck school girl'
Doki has been so worried the man would find the letter annoying or worse, of no concern and pathetic-not worth his time; but no, not only had the man written back but it was a nice letter.

He was invited back to eat and ahhh he needed to send the man another letter IMMEDIATELY. The thought of using the reverse side of the paper he had received crossed his mind but that would mean parting with the wonderful token. He couldn't stand the possibility. So quickly he began rummaging. As luck would have it, it was not long before he found what appeared to be tossed legal documents. Finding an envelope and postage would be a greater concern for later but in the moment It didn't matter. Scratching a big X into the legal garbage he turned the parchment, returned to his previous quite location and began to write.

Kol :

"10 February, 20xx


I'm ----- ---- happy you were not mad about the letter and even happier you wrote back.  Thank you for------- ----- -- taking the time it means------ ------ a lot to me.

I would love to come visit again your house is really---- nice and so is----- ------ um yeah your house is great! Warm with y----- is good, I like warm places. It's still pretty cold right now and It -------- watching the snow with you sounds like fun I'm, glad you like it too.
you like many other things? like rain? do you like the rain? Just like snow I like to watch it but---- ----- sleeping in it is--- ---- uncomfortable. I also like watching puddles as they grow. every once and awhile, if you watch long enough you can see someone step in it. --------- ---------- it --------- is funny to see them react to getting there legs all wet. A lot of times they curse or yell------ -------- it's good entertainment. um-------not that I want them to be ------ -------- ---- inconvenienced...but...okay I'll going to stop this line of conversation, oh  sorry. Sorry.

You cook?! I kind of ----- ---- noticed. In your house but you own a restaurant?! It is probably the most beautiful restaurant in all Maquina because yo------it sounds like you put a lot of effort into it. What is the name of your restaurant?

you would really let me eat there? That---- ----- thank you. I uh... well I've actually never eaten in a restaurant myself. I don't think you would want me there---- ------- but thank you for the invitation it--------- ----- made me----- ---smile.

As for cooking well...I am pretty bad at it. but----! ! I would. ------- ---- try really hard! If you really did want to try to teach me and----- --- are not simply being polite.
When I was--- ----- part----- of the kitchen staff at  Ge----- at an estate in Maquina they tried to teach me how to make breakfast things. I think they were called crescents? I broke the oven and-----half the kitchen so--- ---- that is just an example of what I mean, I'm not very skilled.

Cooking with you sounds great though, just watching you cook it probably--- ----- a pleasure. You would know exactly what you are doing after all.

I would love to come and eat and cook and-----  ------ ---- talk with you sometime soon. When I can---- ---leave---- --- the place I am living at now I will try. Unfortunately it iss hard for me to go back especially ----- that town .I can't go back just yet it---- ---- I shouldn't. If you are still talking to me when I can --- --- leave I will try.

Oh I wanted to ask you what 'Bonjour' means. I assume its a greeting because you wrote it first but I wanted to ask to be sure. and 'Au revoir' which I also assume is a goodbye but ----- just wondering.
sorry I ----- maybe I wrote to much -----sorry, sorry. If I did let me known, well, if you write back -which I ----- ----- --- really hope you do. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO. REALLY IF I AM JUST ANNOYING YOU. Just--- ---- BURN THIS LETTER AND IGNORE ME!

Thank you,



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 A Letter received, is a thought of you[Doki-Kol] Empty Re: A Letter received, is a thought of you[Doki-Kol]

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