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Post by DokiDoki on Wed May 11, 2016 1:34 am

You receive a package.

More accurately you receive a small battered cardboard box which you believe to be containing items. Relatively small it could fit nothing larger than a standard ceramic mug. Its most defining features include the copious amounts or tape wrapped around its exterior and a radiating stain near the bottom.

At the top of the box in a thick lined sloppy script is a single word which you presume is the name of whomever the package was intended. It is most certainly NOT your name. what you presume is actually someone else's name, may be someone you know or may not be.  

Underneath the name is a mailing address, it is your address. There is no return address written.

Open the package?:

The package is filled with dead leaves and dirt.

Atop of which is a single crumpled ball of paper, you can see it is lined with light blue stripes and the three perfectly circular holes on the left margin make it unmistakably a sheet of standard college ruled notebook paper. The ball of paper seems unharmed beyond the extreme wrinkling its current state will cause.

The wad of crumpled paper reveals itself to be multiple sheets of the same type of paper.
The script is almost indecipherable, multiple areas of scratched out text and the heavy handed scrawl seem as if the writer had written very quickly.

You read the letter:

“ uh i---- ------ --- can’t believe---- ---- what do I do?!? I can’t stay here anymore, I know you said -- ---- ---- to wait but I can’t anymore.  If I do I know it won’t end well. For me, um, I would never tell them your name, no, I won’t do that so don’t------------  ------------  ---------- worry.

Im so sorry, yes, sorry sorry sorry SORRY SORRY SORRY. SORRY! I just, well ----- I’m a ---- ------- ------ screw up…. Yes...I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to get you in trouble too, but please- please I need you to take care of this. It’s in the box too. I------ ------ The watch, it was his, and I can’t let them find it. I’m sorry to put this on you, really… I know it’s------------- a lot to ask ----------------- but please ----------just keep it or hide it….please….--------- ----------------------- I know you might tell the police------------or just throw it away but I really REALLY hope you don’t. I know we don’t know each other well and ----------she said---------- it was  a bad idea but I ----- -------  can’t ask anyone else.

I will come to you once I can to get the watch back and if you um...and I understand you might yell at me or hit me. I understand if you are really mad whatever -------------however ---------you------------feel. I really just hope you hold onto it so when I do reach you I can get it back. Um.,,whatever I owe you I’ll try to pay back however I can.
Sorry again and if you want to yell at me right away you can send anything to

1265 XXX ln
Ran----, 95468
It’ll be safe there for now I don’t have much more time need to go. Sorry----- sorry again and please….don’t be to angry?



Further inspection of the dirt and dead vegetation yields the tall tell glimmer of metal protruding from the -all natural- package padding. Released from its shallow grave a standard size pocket watch shines with brilliance despite the dirt still clinging to its body.

The watch is extremely ornate, silver and gold both on casting and in watch face. The intricate design all around mark it as an item obvious high value and arguably a work of art. Opened, the watch reveals it is not working and has stopped, the hands resting on its golden roman numerals read 8:16

On the inside of its open case face is a small piece of ripped paper, it contains a string of numbers 16 characters long.

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