Pickled Sand Scraper

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Pickled Sand Scraper

Post by Aziel on Thu Apr 30, 2015 5:45 pm

Plant Name: Pickled Sand Scraper

Location: Western deserts of Maquina, towards the jungle outskirts where the wind isn't as strong.

Effects/Uses: Much like cacti, the Pickled Sand Scraper's insides are plump with liquid--a rare and sour vinegar that can be tapped from the plant and collected for consumption. It also makes an effective pesticide against several species of bugs. The pollen produced by the Pickled Sand Scraper is quite often used by the locals as a powerful antiseptic.

Description: This plant has a natural tan color and grows in small, brittle stocks. It grows to only two-three feet, making it difficult to spot in the desert sands, and has very shallow roots, allowing easy transportation. The plant requires plenty of sunlight, and creates small white flowers in its last few months of living. The pollen within these flowers is also said to be incredibly sour.

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