Emerald Dredge

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Emerald Dredge

Post by Aziel on Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:59 pm

Animal Name: Emerald Dredge

Location: These creatures are found solely on Galeo island. Specifically, they live in the complex tunnels they burrow several feet underground.

Effects/Uses: These creatures have tough and claws capable of cutting through any stone under an eight on the Mohs Scale. The claws, curved hooks spanning approximately 2-3 inches, are incredibly valuable in the creation of hand held gem cutting tools. Due to its small size, high speed and elusiveness, the Emerald Dredge provides a meat used only in the most gourmet and expensive of dishes, sought out by many connoisseurs and upscale restaurants around Maquina.

Description: Emerald Dredge are six legged mammals with a very tough, leathery skin to protect them from the rock their dig through. They have long, curved gray claws for slicing through the ground to create their homes, and pointed heads similar to that of a crocodile. They have narrowed black eyes with seemingly no pupil, and sensitive ears that fold back to the sides of their heads. This creature is typically brown or gray in color, and has a small stubby tail. that vibrates rapidly to distract pray to to distract predators.

Behavior: These creatures are typically not prayed upon thanks to their exceptional burrowing ability and constant high alert. The Emerald Dredge is nocturnal and thrives in cooler temperatures, occasionally needing to burrow to the water table and cool down in the wet soil. Their main diet consists of emeralds and other precious gems. The Dredge mates twice a year and typically has a clutch of 3-6 offspring, who follow around their mother before leaving to find their own mate at 4 months old. The lifespan of the Emerald Dredge is generally between 6-9 years.

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