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Post by Aziel on Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:33 pm

Hello! Welcome to the clubs forum! Consider this your voluntary extra curricular weekly/bi-weekly events section. All approved clubs will be listed here, with links to their individual thread(s) and a small blurb of what each club is about! If you're a club leader, be sure to discuss with moderators when you need information on the master list changed! To add your club blurb after it has been approved you'll need to first make a thread in the Clubs sub forum detailing everything the members need to know about it! Then just put a little info that you'll use to appeal to members to join you here, and we'll add it to this first post. C:

Members looking to join, look no further! Just below is the complete list of current available clubs to join! Just remember, even if clubs hold offsite events, breaking any of Polemos' rules will not be tolerated. Not by leader nor member!

List of Current Clubs:

Movie Club. Once a week we gather and a movie discussed in the thread is livestreamed for anyone to come hang out and watch!


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