Vida & Maquina Notable Differences (WIP)

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Vida & Maquina Notable Differences (WIP) Empty Vida & Maquina Notable Differences (WIP)

Post by Aziel on Wed May 06, 2015 6:16 pm

oh man so im putting this here as a reminder for me to do it when i get home but i go to the dentist soon so i apologize in advance if i try working on it with my face drugged off

that being said it should be kind of amusing so like
h a we'll see.



Vida: Nowhere in Vida can you find any sort of fueled vehicle unless brought in by an outsider; and the chance of an Aethian figuring out how to use any sort of confiscated machinery is slim to none. Residents of Vida instead do most of their travel by foot or mount animal. Those who travel in groups tend to follow a caravan line, carts packed with resources for the move. Their version of U-haul, essentially. Ambushing one of these is a nearly guaranteed provision of food or water.

Maquina: Their fundamentals are based on technology, and the idea of constantly expanding and improving upon themselves, so the Aethians of Maquina have a variety of transportation methods. Those moving just about their city or town may opt to use a hoverboard, or motorized car. For longer travel, it's suggesting to take one of several high speed bullet trains to your destination! Maxxing at 200 MPH, this is the most prominent method to get around at least the flatter cities of Maquina. For northern towns obscured by mountainous peaks, a smaller, slower train is essential for safe navigation. These small trains have tracks all over the country, as they're also excellent for carrying mass amounts of resources around.


Vida: Frankly, anything with a point can and is used as a weapon in times of need. Aethians rely heavily on trebuchets and catapults for seizing villages as well as defending their own, and fortified stone or wooden walls to surround fortresses that may drop boiling tar or fire upon the enemy. The average soldier will have a sword, bow, axe or spear; primitive, handheld weapons wielded with skill and care. Essentially, anything with little mechanical trigger.

Maquina: While Aethians may carry with them swords, knives or the like, it's more common for them to tote some sort of gun. Though not as easy to combine with the magical elements of each warrior, guns and rpgs tend to be quick and effective in battle. Unfortunately they have little use once their ammo is up, so any knowledgeable Aethian will be sure to pack as much ammo on their person as possible. Defensively, Maquina is known for its barbed wire fences and fortified guard posts, outfitted with semi-automatic firearms.

Various Tech:

Vida: Fire pit stoves, wooden clocks, sailboats, fire signals and one room schoolhouses. Vida is very modest in its commodities and home technology. They don't have running electricity (bar lightning element characters) and rely frequently on bartering things they can grow or make to get by. The primary currency is gold (in raw or coin form) but it's certainly not necessary to survive in Vida. Dirt paths, weighted doors with level access and wooden cart markets are what you can expect visiting most of the bigger cities in Vida. Though quieter than its rival country, each man rules his/her/xer/themself here, and power is survival.

Maquina: Cell phones, microwaves and school buses. Consider most of Maquina today's Tokyo, with a narcissistic touch of convenience and access. Apartments, neon billboards and vending machines litter the sidewalks and street corners of most major cities, though they each have their flares and aesthetics. Everything here is very quick paced and now. The major currency is paper bills. Gold is also sought out, though significantly more exclusive to the upper class and hardly used as currency for smaller wares.  


Vida: The rules of this continent are few and rarely upheld. No federal rules exist, with each community deciding on their own laws and punishments. As a general rule of thumb, it's a dog eat dog world, with the strongest and skilled creatures capable of doing their bidding with little intrusion. This applies to the temples, as well. Citizens of Vida are expected to worship the creator of their land, Lavathor. How people communicate with their God is of their own choosing, and can vary from nightly prayer, to burning a portion of each meal, to sacrifice.

Maquina: Just like Lavates, the Aethians are expected to worship the God of their land, Aethel. Because a federal government and soldiers control the grounds, all practice and religion must oblige with laws--so long as the method of worship does not damage property or person, any sort of prayer is welcome and free.

**In both Vida & Maquina, it's vital that you worship the appropriate deity. Getting caught worshipping nobody or the deity of an opposing country is considered treason and could result in anything from jailing to execution. This includes the worship of Cranios, a figure that much of the world considers little more than legend, as he disappeared before his siblings and left no temple nor artifact**

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