Psst, Hey Kid, Wanna Make Some Tokens?

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Psst, Hey Kid, Wanna Make Some Tokens? Empty Psst, Hey Kid, Wanna Make Some Tokens?

Post by Aziel on Thu May 07, 2015 11:31 pm

Psst, Hey Kid, Wanna Make Some Tokens? 5dE8spb

So, I believe I mentioned a tiny event occurring, and here it is! For those of you who haven't yet waded through all the lovely half finished chunks of information, you may not be aware that members can create some of the site's flora and fauna by filling out the form in this thread under a new Flora & Fauna topic! The rules there state that only approved members may create species, but for this event, we're going to play with the rules a little!

Here's how this is going to work:
Any members, approved or not, are going to be eligible to create Flora and Fauna for the
duration of this event. Another difference between the usual process and this one, is that you're not going to go to the request section with the finished product. Instead, you're going to simply put WIP in the topic title of your creation, and take it out when you've finished and a moderator can look over it. Every few days, I'll be checking over all the finished suggestions, and approve them or ask you to alter them in some form. Once approved, I'll index them!

Now, why is this so special? Well, here's the part you'll like. For every approved addition of Flora & Fauna, you'll receive two tokens! The max for this event will be twenty tokens, which requires ten successful entries. As your flora & fauna is approved, I'll be sliding over to the admin panel and putting the tokens into your account. This way, you can peruse the token store and get a head start on saving up for any items you might like to buy there in the future. c:

As always, any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to message me on Polemos, or hit me up on skype. ♥ Have fun guys, and get creative!


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