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Animal Name: Lawa

Location: Anywhere in the desert, usually north of the Iron Canyon.

Effects/Uses: The Lawa are actually fairly benign animals, and they can go extended periods of time without food, or water. They can travel great distances, but are incredibly slow, and as slow as they are, they are equally hardy.

Description: The Lawa survive largely by looking exactly like a cacti known unsurprisingly as the Lawa Cacti. However underneath the layers of fibrous plant-like material that shields them there is no cacti but a living creature. They even grow long thick red growths from their heads in the spring.

Behavior: Lawa spend their whole lives traveling nomadically through the desert searching for water, for others of their species, and for food. They breed in the spring, and seem to be attracted to the large red 'flowers'. Those who know of their existence speculate that they may occasionally be attracted to the cacti that they look like by accident. However unlike the cacti, they will attack if someone tries to break open the fibrous armor that protects their delicate bodies. Usually by headbutting the offender. However they are extremely peaceful. Unless someone tries to crack them open they would never know that they are not a cactus.

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