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Animal Name: Oraten

Location: The ocean between Vida and Maquina

Effects/Uses: Oraten are one of the most aggressive residents of the ocean, killing machines which are designed to survive. They are not poisonous, but they have little need of poison. Particularly not when fully grown. They can not be trained, can not be reasoned with, but are entirely driven by instinct.

Description: Oraten are long worm-like sea serpents. The head half of their body length is taken up by a nest of tentacles in the midst of which lies a sharp beak. They use their tentacles to draw prey into their mouth, and usually swallow it whole. They are a deep iridescent purple in color, and covered in segmented scales.

Behavior: Aggressive, instinct driven creatures, Oraten are impossible to train by all accounts. Thankfully they are seen close to the surface of the water usually only during storms. They will eat nearly anything smaller than them, which means that occasionally the body of one will wash ashore after having devoured one of the more poisonous natives of the oceans. Interestingly enough, Oraten are born on beaches. Their eggs wash ashore and only the warmth of the sun combined with other factors such as drying allow them to be born, and crawl out immediately back to the ocean. However the young are so small that they are generally mistaken for worms. This process keeps their population small (since many of the young are preyed upon by ocean-dwelling birds).

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