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Post by Nocme on Sun May 10, 2015 4:00 am

Animal Name: Aquealia

   Location: Coast of Valias, but can be found in any cold and icy waters.

   Effects/Uses: Their fins are used in restorative medicine along with their innards, and they have pretty delicious flesh. Their teeth are used in weaponry or fishing. Scales are rather beautiful and thus used for jewellery. Rumors has it the secondary body fluid is an aphrodisiac, but so far cannot be proven as that white liquid is difficult to obtain and consume. Cannot be tamed, and do not attempt it. Do not under any circumstances catch one and leave it in a water container alive, especially a see-through container.

   Description: A long eel, roughly 3m (9 ft 10 inch), covered in bright shiny blue scales. Those scales reflect light fairly well and in the water many prey were attracted to them, thinking they are clear glaciers and have valuable algae growing underneath them. They have small fins at the end of their body and four smaller one on either side of its body. They have two rows of sharp teeth to help get food down and to defend themselves. They have red blood and unknown white fluid (suspected to be their nervous system) that generally evaporate immediately in contact with air.

   Behavior:Under normal conditions, these are docile creatures. Generally found swimming in groups to pretend to be a large size glacier so they could feed, and separate immediately after they got their fill. They are mostly solitary and travel far and wide across the water to look for sizable feeding ground or a mate. They never stop mating.

To hunt, they first curl themselves up into a little ball, and then they wiggle a little to catch the sunlight and reflect downwards into the water, attracting small fishes towards them. When their prey settled close to their body, they would unwrap quickly to bite and seize their prey.

In stressed condition (inside a container alive) these docile creature become extremely aggressive. Often ramming against whatever container they are store in until it breaks or they die. Goes the same with poles, nets or hands, they would not hesitate to utilize their two rows of teeth to shred anything that touches them. This would continue on forever until the creature died or let loose in the wild. So far no one has managed to tame the creature. The closest will be their collective body being a temporary life raft in the ocean, but that happens rarely as they tend to avoid settlements. Mostly due to competing food source.
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Re: Aquealia

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