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Post by Nocme on Sun May 10, 2015 5:50 am

Plant Name: Manvela

Location: Mostly found in Lagrange. But can appear anywhere that has precious minerals or warmth.

Effects/Uses: A weed mostly, miners often have difficulties getting to the ores due to their extensive roots system covering the rocks. They also have properties to absorb minerals, and some mages have experimented using them to create elemental resistant armour – no result as of yet. Some like the bright flower it produce, one that glows bright under moonlight.

Description: It’s a greyish vines when near normal rock. However their hues change depend on the minerals their roots encounter. They do absorb the minerals, but at insanely slow rate that its not a threat. However it is annoying to pull the roots off the precious minerals while mining them or cut them down as they rapidly grow over pathways or rails.

They have small white buds and large greyish green leaves, more green when it encounters natural light outside. The buds blooms to beautiful white flowers under moonlight, and doesn’t wither until plucked from the ground or when the sun come up. 90% of its body is underground, while above ground its mostly a small plant with few large leaves and many flower buds.

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Re: Manvela

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