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Nightmare Orchid Empty Nightmare Orchid

Post by Nocme on Sun May 10, 2015 8:09 am

Plant Name: Nightmare Orchid

Location: Any dark woods, but most common in deep jungle

Effects/Uses: It is a super effective hallucinogen, those who smell the scent of these flowers will almost immediately began perceiving reality differently. Their environment turns dark and nightmarish, very different from reality and thus made it very difficult to navigate. Their nightmares would also come to life to haunt them with every step. Those who suffered under the scent of the flowers often become mental wreck if untreated for too long. When the flower’s nectars are refined through magic, it become even more potent and could potentially leave lasting psychological effect (like relieving past events and hearing voices) that they might never recover from.

It is a favourite poison used by rivals as well as a torture device to gain information from captives. As most could not hold out against the mental torment the flowers bring.

Description:It looks like a normal orchid, tall dark green stalks and small round flowers. However the petals are the deepest black with white outlines. Each flower has different pattern, and for those suffering from the scent of these flowers often hallucinate from those petals. They gain their nutrient mostly from the local animals that are immune to their scent and leave behind droppings that act as their fertilizers.

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Nightmare Orchid Empty Re: Nightmare Orchid

Post by Aziel on Sun May 10, 2015 10:00 pm


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