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Post by Aziel on Sun May 10, 2015 10:11 pm

Plant Name: Steam Web

Location: Iron Canyon, exclusively in the tunnels once they reach about 30 feet down. They grow in moist area.

Effects/Uses: The steam web is completely harmless to touch or even consume, and its ability to stick to itself makes it acceptable as gauze or a bandage when those options are unavailable. Miners frequently crush together steam webs and stick them on smaller wounds they may receive while they work, to avoid leaving the mines.

Also, because they grow in moist areas, miners use them as a guide towards the underground body of water that is almost definitely nearby.

Description: The steam web is a silver, shimmering plant with acicular leaves that feel silky. These plants are incredibly thin and lightweight, with an unusual ability to stick only to itself. This property lends to the plant its name, as when they grow, they often weave themselves together into what  looks like a messy silver web.

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