How To Create a Guild

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How To Create a Guild

Post by Aziel on Sun May 10, 2015 10:29 pm

Guilds in Polemos are a little bit like in-character organizations that your character can request to join, or even create themselves. Purposes vary widely: something guilds are heroes guilds dedicated to protecting certain territories, while some may be thieving guilds that host a collection of criminals that plan heists together. Cooking guilds, archery guilds, mechanics guilds, you name it! They're places that bring together people who share the same passion or desire.

To create a canon guild, simply fill out the skeleton below and post it in this subforum! In the title, please put your businesses name, followed by [Guild].

Because moderators don't need to index them, they won't need approval. Just be sure to follow all site rules, and you should be good! Keep in mind the country you're creating your business in, and what's reasonable to be found where.

For those interested in joining a pre-existing guild, you'll have to inquire with the member running it!



[size=11][b]Guild Name:[/b]

[b]Leader:[/b] Your character must be in charge! Please also note here if there are any managers or positions of leadership run by other characters.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] What does your guild head quarters look like? Is it a tiny cabin high up in the mountains? Is it plated in gold, or have stain glass windows? This is where you help your reader picture what you envision. Be sure to put its location!

[b]Functions:[/b] What does your guild do? Does it protect the innocent and dish out justice on those deserving, or perhaps a place for cartographer to map out the country? Maybe just a place for characters to practice using their elements?
[b]Members:[/b] The list of characters currently in your guild.

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