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Stat Explanation

Post by Aziel on Mon May 11, 2015 9:06 pm

So, you've probably seen a lot of stats on the character skeleton, but have been unsure what they all mean or account for. You've come to the right place! This thread will explain the current uses of each stat, and what it will boost in your character. c: It's important to note that some of it is a base for any future battle system that will be implemented, but at the moment it's just a simple way of saying, "Hey my character doesn't pack a very powerful punch but can dodge pretty well" or a notion akin to that. A way to flesh out their fighting style, so to speak.

While it's expected that certain races will have assumable fortes (like the minotaur being stronger than it is quick!) specific statistics aren't known IC to any character other than the character who has those stats. If you go to the gym, I have no idea what muscles you work out, y'know? So please keep that in mind while role playing to avoid meta gaming.

Now, onto what each stat indicates! Currently, characters have point slots they can fill in to improve: strength, defense, agility, magic, endurance, critical, and dexterity. 10 is the maximum amount of points that can go into any one slot, signifying it's totally you're A-game and you're not to be trifled with when it comes to that stat. Characters can have multiple maxed out stats, if they have enough points.

Strength is your damage, and how intense your punches, kicks, and other physical strikes are gonna be. Being smashed by a character with 10 strength is gonna hurt an awful lot more than a character with 0 strength, who probably can't fight their way out of a cardboard box. If you're looking for a naturally powerful hit, this is the the stat you're going to want to put points in.

Defense is your ability to successfully guard and block attacks. The higher your defense, the better your ability to stop forceful attacks by people with high strength. If you're looking to be a skilled defender and to put a halt to attacks mid-blow, this is the stat you're going to want to put points in.

Agility is how quick you are on your feet. It differs from defense in that with a high agility, you'll be taking less hits in general. It makes you nimble and flexible, and hard to land a punch on. If you're looking to improve your dodge rate, this is the stat you're going to want to put points in.

Magic is how hard you element will hit, as well as the succession at which you can use a skill again. This will become more relevant in battle system use, where moderators will be limiting the number of consecutive skill posts--those with higher magic will be able to use their elemental skills more often. If you're looking to shell out quick and efficient elemental strikes, this is the stat you're going to want to put points in.

Endurance is how many hits you can take before you can't continue to fight. This is not your defense, which is blocking. This is being able to take the hits and get back up again. Maximum endurance is your stubborn fighter who keeps getting knocked down but doesn't seem to black out when others already would have. If you're looking to make a resilient fighter who can last a while in a fight, this is the stat you're going to want to put points in.

Critical is your ability to get lucky hits that deal more damage when you strike. Another skill like magic, in which its use will be seen much more in a battle system. However, when role played appropriately, it will have an affect on open fights as well. Having maxed critical stats means you'll manage lucky shots more often, that deals more damage. Note that this differs from strength in that it's occasional (higher crit means more likely to happen,) additional damage to your base damage (strength.) If you're looking to make those lucky powerhouse hits, this is the stat you're going to want to put points in.

Dexterity is your aim, simply put. It can combat high agility and dodge rate with exceptional precision, increasing the chance of your strike landing. Maximum aim allows for your character to land plenty of hits--especially on slower characters. If you're looking to make a sharpshooter who hits their mark, this is the stat you're going to want to put points in.


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