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Post by Aziel on Fri May 15, 2015 12:34 am

Plant Name: Tullick

Location: Maquina's jungles.

Effects/Uses: This plant is completely harmless. Its' only notable use is that the plant emits a very distinct odor that's under most species' ability to smell. Though unnoticed by most, it coats the forest and all its inhabitants. The Derial Spider one of the few species able to pick up traces of this odor, allowing it to distinguish and locate new comers in the forest, as the lack the Tullick's smell. It is advised that before touring any of the forests, you cover yourself with this plant.

Description: The Tullick grows all over tree branches and trunks in the form of stringy green vines that sprout yellow flowers during Spring. These flowers are pale in color and not typically large than a few inches. Each grows 4-8 petals that expand outward, and have toothed green leaves at their bases.

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