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Plant Name: Zenphyl

Location: Exclusively in snowy areas. Can be found in any country.

Effects/Uses: The Zenphyl is an incredibly handy plant, its leaves known throughout the snowy regions for its uses in healing. It's got anti-inflammatory and mild sedative properties when ground into paste and ingested or rubbed into a wound/on the skin. It can be used to treat mild pain as well as bring down fever. Ingesting too many, however, may lead to intestinal upset with strong bloating and gas.

The plants berries are less important, though they do store a very sweet, juicy syrup inside that is farmed and used in the seasoning of high-end pastries and desserts.

Description: The Zenphyl plant is small and hardy, its translucent leaves taking on a pink shimmer when viewed in the right light. It has an incredibly resilient body that can continue to grow and regenerate so long as its roots are in tact, making the seeds highly valuable and sought out. Each Zenphyl plant will hold a small handful of berries--anywhere between 8-20 if the crop is good. There are generally four seeds in each berry, that can be buried to produce more plants.

The Zenphyl thrives in cold climates with plenty of sun and water, making ice fields the perfect home for it. Though they can be found all year round, their rock-hard berries will grow only in winter. These small red fruit, while delicious, are near impossible to eat until they've been warmed up and softened.


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