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Post by Nocme on Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:32 pm

-Glomps and wolf slobber over all-

Hi everyone! I'm Maru and I'm gonna use this thread to keep track of rps and ask for more
O uO

So let us begin with...


  • Silent and can either be deadly or put up prank
  • Also once on right topic she probably is just as chatty as normal people
  • Travel everywhere so she could be any of the three lands with a few change in wardrobe


  • Slave -> Extremely deadly if you are on her mistress hit list
  • Quiet, almost death like
  • Feel free to try and get her out of slave status, but her mind is pretty screwed up so be careful

RP List
The Unexpected Dangers of Hunting [Menel & Nocme] -> Finished
The ominous wind (Daechir + Nocme) -> Finished
The Grasping Talons (Javed & Nocme) -> Ongoing
The Xavar went to grab some popcorn (Clay + Nocme) -> Ongoing
[EVENT] EXECUTE -> Ongoing
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