6/9/2015 updates - EVENT

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6/9/2015 updates - EVENT

Post by Aziel on Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:28 pm

Howdy Polemos, Jay's back with another little update!

While some of you know already, for advertisement purposes I've set up a DeviantArt and Tumblr! If you have any art on those sites you wish to have promoted on the new, official pages, feel free to submit them!

I'd also like to bring everyone's attention to the lottery, which is now open! Because it's my birthday month, I'm bumping up the jackpot. As it stands, you can win 40 tokens. That'll only increase as more people buy tickets~

In July, from the 10th to the 20th I'll be taking a leave of absence to go on vacation with my family. This means there will be no updates on Polemos during that time; my apologies!

Work is being done on both the map and the element pages, and the Vida Maquina Notable Differences page has been updated! It's still a WIP, yes, but there's definitely some information that could be useful for those still trying to get a feel for Polemos' atmosphere. If you need some more information on the countries, or you're just curious, check them out! And don't be afraid to ask if you'd like information about any differences not yet mentioned.  c:

Symbols for Vida and Maquina are also in the process of being created! The hold up on this has primarily been that lol jay can't make geometric shapes. (sob) Their sketches, however, are designed! And they will make their way to the site in the coming weeks if it kills me.

Plenty of members have participated in the Flora and Fauna event, where you receive points (up to twenty!) for creating new pages in the Encyclopedia about Polemos' wide array of plants and animals, but not all of you have maxed out your entries! You have two weeks from now (until approximately 9:00pm EST on June 23rd) to make pages eligible for points.

Last but not least, we have an In Character event starting, in honor of the Summer Solstice (the longest day in the northern hemisphere.) This year the summer solstice is on June 21st, but Polemos will be celebrating a wee bit early. More information on that can be found through this link or under Current Events! You don't need an approved character to partake, so feel free to join with any or all accounts. And don't forget to hunt for that flame!


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