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Post by Aziel on Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:36 am

Animal Name: Jocrasak

Location: Anywhere that the ocean is deep and cold.

Effects/Uses: This beast provides plenty of meat. Though it's rather chewy and tastes bland by itself, the meat of the Jocrasak is highly nutritious. Best enjoyed with old bay seasoning.

Description: The Jocrasask is a 300-some pound crustacean with a tough grey shell that sports very sharp dermal scales all across its outer surface. This beast has eight spiny legs and a flattened tail that to allows it to cut quickly through waves. It also has four largely disproportionate golden claws that twinkle even in the faintest of light, allowing it to ward off enemies and seem even more massive than it already is. The claws are strong enough to snap human bones in half and easily shred through fishing net, making the beast particularly difficult to capture. Unfortunately, its two eyes sit in pronounced black sockets that limit the angles it can see from and create 270 degrees of blind spot.

Behavior: Jocrasaks are nocturnal omnivores that feast on any and all creatures and plant life unfortunate enough to land within its maws, preferring to hunt near closer to the surface. They are fairly passive outside of the mating season and tend to strike only when hungry or for defense. The Jocrasaks also seem to possess high intellect, creating odd architecture of shell fragments, bones and other materials that litter the ocean floor. There doesn't seem to be any survival purpose for this activity, and the Jocrasaks will sometimes never return to their designs once finished, not even to sleep in (they prefer to sleep burrowed in the sand.)

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