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Heron|A Life in the Woods|Prosperra

Post by Prosperra on Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:25 pm

A new dawn would creep over the lone dark night radiating a plethora of varying colors, truly a sight to behold. Rays of the waking sun crept over the massive forest, their leaves ranging from orange to green. The chirping of the birds, the rustling of the bushes, the whispers of the calm winds; not a disturbance in sight, a peaceful and bountiful morn'. It came as quite shocking to a lone traveler that there were no more to bear witness to the beginning of a new day, to enjoy what this vast morrow contained. There would be no complaints though, there was also bliss in quiet and solitude, mayhap a wonderful thing to be all alone in the woods with nothing but the echoes of nature.

"Pray this last forever, but alas Life will certainly offer something new, today. Of this I'm sure." A young man murmured as his back lay against the bark of a tree high above the floor, sitting quite comfortably upon a branch. It was the highest tree this forest had to offer, the perfect seat to view this new day. A well polished wooden tip of sorts would press against the lips of a lone traveler and would be followed by an exhale of smoke. Thick white clouds entertaining to the eye would be released past the branches and dissipate into the air, his cares and worries along with it. "I feel a new friend will be making an appearance, these dreams of mine tell me so." He spoke as if talking to the forest, but he was merely entertaining himself, as he did every morning. An adventurer of the world, seeking what nature this world had to offer. It had been quite the trek, but he found a new yet temporary abode within the forest; a place to rest his mind and mayhap find his old friend, the muse, to continue writing. 

A strange fellow, garbed in a stylish green. His hair was most noticeable, for such a young demeanor, it was a pure white, like snow, long and carefully tended; the tips just reaching the end of his neck. His eyes fancied a vibrant hue, a blue just like the purest of lakes. In one hand he had a well carved wooden pipe, a constant trail of smoke rising out whereas the other hand was used as support as he rested his head against it. At first glance, he seemed care-free and friendly atmosphere resonating from his being. It was just another day for Prosperra "The Seeker of Wisdom" as he would regularly note. He was having another casual day, enjoying the scenery but today he felt would mark something new. He was curious and excited to see what this ominous day would offer.

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