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Post by Aziel on Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:16 pm

Hello! This is the book of Legends! It's where all of those who've made significant contributions to the site are mentioned for all members to read about and recognize! To land in this book, 75% of the moderator must agree that you've absolutely earned a spot here for all your hard work and dedication. If you get a page, it'll list the name you're typically known as, your icon at the time of choosing, as well as a blurb of everything that helped to park your butt into this awards section!  Note: Even if you then break rules and get banned, your legends page (post) will remain here with the original blurb of the things you did that we're grateful for. Likewise, for those who repeatedly land in the book, we'll just lengthen your page with information. C:

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