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Animal Name: Falex

Location: Widely found in Vida, though they are more common in the south.

Effects/Uses: Falex are very hardy equine animals, and due to their calm natures they are easy to train as pets, for leading caravans, or for drawing a carriage or other such transports.  

Description: They are fairly short, stockily built horses with a wide range of coloring. They usually have a faint striped pattern extending along their spines, and their coats thickness is dependent upon the area that they live. The most distinctive feature about them is the line of spiral horns that run along their bodies from halfway down their foreheads to the base of their manes the longest of which is about a six to seven inches long.

Behavior: Unlike most equines Falex are not naturally herd animals, though they will live together in groups peacefully their groups are ordered more like packs than like herds. More commonly Falex are independent. They are extraordinarily passive creatures unless provoked, pregnant, or protecting their young. Either males or females can be found in the company of the younger members of their species, and will protect them violently. They are extremely prone to being tamed as pets, mounts, or for use as traveling work animals. Though their disposition does not lend them toward being contained in small areas for extended periods of time.

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