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Post by Nocme on Sun May 10, 2015 12:53 am

Plant Name: Warmwood

   Location: Valias

   Effects/Uses: The tree naturally take in heat during its life time, and releases them upon death. Harvesting these take either patience or very good fire mage to keep the tree fed while another hack it down. Takes some refining before being used as heat source for wandering in the wilderness or as flame resistant armour, since in its raw form it can potentially set a person on fire.

   Description: When alive it looks like a black tree, with excessive amount of snow and ice around it. Extremely dangerous to approach, as it literally lives off the heat of the surrounding, often sinking its roots to any living creatures to draw away their heat, absorbs almost all fires completely. However they propagate by dying and burning themselves, their ashes are their seeds thus they thrive easily when not competing against other warmwood.

Near the end of their life, they will gather heat in more desperation to stay alive, noted with the extra activity of their roots. Until they could get no more fire to sustain themselves, and at that point the black wood will crack open to reveal the molten centre, and began the process of burning itself.  It would take 5 hours for it to completely burn away all the wooden structure and let the winter breeze blow the ashes away, it is considered a safe time to harvest these trees without the aid of a external fire.

Harvested wood is black with red glowing veins running across them. They would last at least three or four years before the fire stored is used up. If the wood has no red veins it still retain the fire absorbent properties and could be used in armor or weaponry or even potions.
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Re: Warmwood

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