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Post by Nocme on Mon May 11, 2015 5:39 am

Animal Name: Triglycerides

Location: Everywhere in Polemos, although most common in dark caves, laboratories, alchemist shop or magician’s dwelling.

Effects/Uses: Pests. Literally remnant of magical and science experiments, and serve no special purpose other than hindering movements and smells badly. They are too stupid to be tamed, all driven by instinct to consume the item they are made from. Smaller ones are often used as pranks by children or other creatures.

Description: Essentially an amorphous oily blob. Size range from palm to a bus size, depending on how, when and where the creature is born from. Always clear and transparent, unless sick or eaten something not yet digested. They can be any colour, ranges from red to purple. However there are no black or white Triglycerides. They can’t be harmed in anyway unless being burned by fire.

Behaviour:They always appear in threes and in different colour. Generally around improperly stored fluids. They are only docile because of their lack of intelligence. All it wants to do was to consume the same fluid it was born from and would do anything to get to it, even if the way is absolutely stupid (walk through fire and subsequently vaporise itself). When they become more than a nuisance due to size, it generally just split apart into three and continue on their eternal quest. Fire remains the most effective method of killing these creatures without effort and making sure they don’t just glue themselves back together.

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Triglycerides Empty Re: Triglycerides

Post by Aziel on Thu May 14, 2015 10:15 pm

Is someone working on their homework? B)

Approved! These nasties are probably a pain to clean out of your dwelling.

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