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Post by Regazzoni on Wed May 13, 2015 11:01 pm

Animal Name: Devil Crab (major and minor)

Location: Any swampy environment or place that is rainy year round- often found stealing food and infecting livestock around Tullin

Effects/Uses: The devil crab is important for its environment, eating parasites and upturning soil which helps the plants of its swampy homes continue to live and prosper. When introduced to new environments, they tend to infect creatures with diseases from their home, and will overbreed if no predators are present. It is because of this fact, of course, that humans learned the meat of the Devil Crab is pretty tasty.

Description: The minor Devil Crab is about the size of a hermit crab, a small six legged thing with a black shell that lies close to the ground, making skittering sounds whenever it moves about. The Devil Crab has no discernable front side, as its face is underneath the shell- from the top, it appears as a walking hexagon with needle sharp legs. If you pick it up, of course, you'll find its beak flapping open and closed to sense its environment via sent, since the creature has no eyes. The Major Devil Crab is exactly alike, except for its greatly increased size, comparable to the coconut crab. Because its legs are still needle sharp, the creature can be very dangerous to humans, and should be approached with care. It should be noted that the Devil Crab is not actually a crab, but a mollusk.

Behavior: The Crab is docile, feeding on the bottom of rivers and sand beds for bugs and weeds. Minor crabs are generally helpless to attacks by anything other than flies, but if a Major crab feels threatened, it will attempt to leap (up to a full meter) onto its aggressor and squeeze all six of its legs into their flesh. Because of this, it's unwise to send children (or short people Laughing ) into swamps without protection.

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Devil Crab Empty Re: Devil Crab

Post by Aziel on Thu May 14, 2015 9:48 pm

Approved, and this shorty is gonna go fight at least ten of these things!

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