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Post by Regazzoni on Wed May 13, 2015 11:16 pm

Animal Name: Dustwalker

Location: Any of the various desert plains of Maquina

Effects/Uses: Dustwalkers are no different from any other canine predator aside from their one supernatural feature, the ability to meld with the sands of the desert. Once they melt into the sands, they appear as a shadow on the dunes, and move incredibly fast. This allows the Dustwalkers to stage incredible ambushes, but otherwise doesn't aid their combat at all, since they have to leave the sand to attack their prey. Because of this, they generally eat as scavengers, waiting for poor humans to die of thirst and then removing their carcasses from the scene. Dustwalkers do have a significance among some cults, that name themselves after the animals; they say there were humans who once had the same abilities, given to them by the Great Wolf, and if they offered penance for leaving the deserts they would gain these powers back.

No one ever hears about them anymore, though.

Description: The Dustwalker is a canine with a long, pointed snout and two rows of sharp teeth. Its legs are long and thin, and its tail the same; this gives the creature a very ethereal appearance, its sandy grey fur and piercing eyes make it seem sinister as well.

Behavior:Dustwalkers are territorial, rarely living in groups of more than four and teaming up on anything smaller or less numerous that comes within their areas. Other than that, of course, they tend to leave well enough alone. If taken at a very young age, Dustwalkers can be domesticated and make exceptional guard dogs, but will become sick if taken somewhere with no sand.

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Post by Aziel on Thu May 14, 2015 9:33 pm


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