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Post by Samael on Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:55 pm

His guest did not wait or even seem to hesitate before picking up a piece of the steak with her bare fingers and eating it just like that. There was no way that He could stop the small smile that spread across His lips as tears gathered at the edges of dark eyes and her expression shifted to one of a sort of uncomfortable pleasure. He allowed an amused noise to escape His lips, leaning toward her and kissing away the tear closest to Him in the space of a heartbeat.

The kiss happened so quickly that it hardly seemed to happen at all. When He was back to His original position that same smile was still on His lips.
"I just brought it back from the kitchen, did you not think that it might be hot?"

Amusement continued to trickle out around His lips low and warm.

Subtly He shifted, a fork which she had not waited for appearing in His fingers almost as though He were a magician.
"Would you perhaps like a fork?" His golden brow arched upwards slightly, and though the other was not visible it was obvious that he was quirking it at her in amusement even as his lips spread out into a wider smile that was almost a little mischievous. "Though... I will not stop you if you prefer a more tactile experience."

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Post by Nocme on Mon Feb 22, 2016 8:59 pm

Dace laughed at the whole thing. In a space of a few minute you have an elf to tears because of the burn in her mouth to blushing like mad seconds after the kiss. He wonder if the man could hear the soft whimpering noise she made, the sound that she would only make when confused greatly.

“I was hungry!” she managed the protest after taking in some deeper breath and finally swallowed the cooldown piece. Gently she touched the spot he kissed, it still tingles and she wasn’t sure why.

Seeing him picking up the fork she thought he was going to give it to her. Evidently not with the rest of his words and the way his hand shifted back when she leans forward to reach it. For a while she felt like a kid again, teased relentlessly by her dad whenever she tried to take the pipe from his hand. Always moving at the last second, pulling away or just dodge aside. Eventually she managed to grab hold of it, but was met by a surprising grip strength.

Nocme huffed a little, this is very tiring. “Can you give me the fork please?” Seeing the small mischievousness, she sighed, “you are not planning to give it to me right?” With a defeated smile she let go and lean back on the chair. “Alright what do you have in mind?”

She has no clue on what he means by tactile. Though it couldn’t have been any more intimate than those kisses, and really she can’t say no to most of it at this point. Unless she wants to suffer through more of his sad puppy dog eyes, those make her feel really bad. She really hopes she made the right choice here.
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