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Post by Aziel on Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:26 pm

To create a club, you will need to fill out this code and take it to the staff request section, labeling your topic as Club Request. This is your basic form. Depending on the complexity of your club, a staff member may ask you questions, to elaborate or otherwise add more information so we get a good idea of what you're doing and how you're doing it.

[b]Club Name:[/b] The name of your club--it should have something to do with what your club is about.
[b]Meeting Times[/b] What day of the week? What time and time zone? Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? How many hours does it last?
[b]Leaders:[/b] You may have up to 2 leaders per club, though that number is subject to change in the future.
[b]About the Club:[/b] What does it do? Watch a movie? Read and discuss a book? Write poetry based off a chosen theme? Share recipes and pictures of what you've cooked? Etc.

It's important to remember that as a leader you are responsible for your club and must care for it. If you promise to lead meetings, don't skip them. If you're entrusted to livestream a movie, do a reading, etc. don't neglect it. The clubs are for the members to have some non Polemos related activity, and if you promise to provide, then do it. If moderators get regular complaints of a leader failing to commit to their club, we will remove them from the leadership position. If there is nobody else willing to step up as the club's leader, it will be deleted. Be sure you're aware that, while yes, clubs are meant to be a fun privilege, running one is also a responsibility that requires time and patience dedicated to it!

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